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Schloss Vollrads Winkel

Riesling, Kabinett,

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Elegant, fine and polished with an abundance of flavors, this wine is excellent for many occasions. The strength of the German Riesling when compared internationally

Variety: Riesling, Kabinett
Region: Rheingau, Germany
Winemaker:  Schloss Vollrads
Size: 750 ml
Alcohol: 9.0%

Winemaker's Notes

A fruity and elegant Riesling. This wine shows fine mineral notes and flavors of white peach, mirabelle and elderberry blossoms. The crisp acidity keeps the off-dry to medium level of sweetness in good balance

John's Notes

Schloss Vollrads Riesling Spatlese was WineJug’s very first feature, and it was delicious. If you liked that one, you will also love this one.  Schloss Vollrads Winkel Riesling Kabinett is equally fantastic; medium sweet (not as sweet as the Spatlese) with energetic peach and lifted acidity. This is a great, high quality sweet wine!

Nerdy Details

Winemaker:  Schloss Vollrads, winemaker Dr. Rowald Hepp

  • Schloss Vollrads’ first documented sale was to the St. Viktor monastery in Mainz in 1211 making it one of the oldest wineries in Germany
  • Schloss Vollrads has roughly 126 acres of vineyards solely devoted to the Riesling grape

Variety:  100% Riesling, Kabinett

Region: Rheingau, Germany


  • Cool continental climate influenced by humid conditions generated by the Rhine River and a long/cool ripening period which allows the grapes to reach sugar ripeness while retaining acidity
  • The Taunus mountain range offers protection from the northern winds with its forests, and creates ideal conditions for the vines
  • 2018 was a remarkable vintage in every aspect. After a mild winter and just two colder months – summer started immediately without a real spring time in April. We remember an exceptional hot and dry summer. The Rhine looked like a trickle and the vines cached a lot of sunshine. Early as never before we started picking at 5th September and had a lot of time to select the perfect ripeness levels. The wines of 2018 are powerful, well balanced with a lot of fruitiness and a well-integrated acidity – all quality levels were selected


  • The distinctive quality is derived from an number of measures including the stringency in limiting the harvest by pruning the vines, the careful tending of the vineyards working on the latest ecological know-how, the late selective hand-picking of the grapes, their pressing, the individual storage of the juices and the careful supervision of the maturing process of the wines
  • The soil is a mixture of Taunus quartzite, agrillaceous shale and calcareous loess soil
  • Our vineyard slopes are all south facing, allowing them to capture the best sunshine
  • 100 % stainless steel
  • The fermentation is stopped early to produce a naturally sweet, complex wine that is true to its fruit, soil, aspect, and climate

Alcohol:  9.0%

Residual Sugar:  65.8 g/L

Pairs With: Pork or chicken served with a rich and tasty sauce, spicy noodle dishes, goat cheese with honey


Wine & Spirits (95): Dense and sweet as an apple crumble, this is ripe and a little heavy, with petrol notes weighing it down. Give it a chill and some air before dinner

Tasting Panel (92): Aromas of beeswax, lychee, fresh linen, and sun-kissed pears are a highlight of this light, ripe white. Summer juices of apricot and peach are resplendent, balanced by acidity that’s at the “just right” point for delicious food pairing

Wine Enthusiast (91): Crisp green apple and honeycomb introduce this enticingly zippy Kabinett. The palate is delicately sweet but offset neatly by tart lime and quince flavors. The finish is steely, long and dry. It’s enjoyable now but should hold well through 2028

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