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O’Reillys Country Cream

White Chocolate,

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Made with wine instead of whiskey, O’Reillys White Chocolate Country Cream embodies the rich, decadent elegance of white chocolate, with a smooth vanilla bean creaminess and a long lasting luxurious finish

Variety: White Chocolate
Region: Tipperary, Ireland
Winemaker: Robert A. Merry & Co.
Size: 750 ml
Alcohol: 13.9%

Winemaker's Notes

O’Reillys White Chocolate Country Cream is unique to the category and on fire! Fresh Irish cream blended with White Chocolate results in a creamy delicious spirit

John's Notes

Ok, so today’s “Current Offer” doesn’t fit the mold of WineJug’s typically featured wines, but I had to grab some O’Reillys when I saw it. Made with wine instead of whiskey, O’Reillys Country Cream is really good with a cup of coffee on a relaxing weekend afternoon.  The creamy, sweet white chocolate is definitely my favorite

Nerdy Details

Winemaker: Robert A. Merry & Co.

  • At Robert A. Merry & Co., we are proud guardians of a long tradition of trading in premium quality alcohol beverages, stemming from a Spirit and Wine Bonder business and the historic Merrys Tavern established in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland in 1868
  • Robert Merry married into the O’Reilly clan, and such was the inspiration for a special Irish Cream boasting their name
  • O’Reillys wine-based Irish Cream offers the rich quality and heritage of the Merry family tradition, with a base of grape spirits instead of whiskey. It has become an Irish cream of distinction in its own right that is internationally commended for its overall quality
  • As a grammatical note, there is no possessive apostrophe in the title “O’Reillys,” which is a bit of tradition in Irish creams

Region: Tipperary, Ireland


  • From grass fed cows in Ireland’s Golden Vale, we bottle rich Irish dairy cream within hours of it leaving the farm gate. The region is famous for its lush green valleys and dairy production
  • Cows grazing outdoors on a diet of grass & clover produce the finest milk for our creams
  • We are proud members of Origin Green and have made concrete and verifiable commitments in accordance with the Origin Green sustainability charter to become a more sustainable producer


  • Freshness and quality are the bedrock of great taste for our spirit and wine-based cream liqueurs we’ve been crafting for over 25 years
  • Being wine based allows us to have the best ingredients and still achieve a fantastic price point and exceptional value to the consumer
  • A twist to the typical Irish Cream, O’Reillys is made with grape spirits rather than whiskey; fresh Irish cream, natural Irish sugar and flavored with white chocolate
  • It is an eau-de-vie (un-aged brandy) which gives our liqueurs a softer, smoother taste
  • Gluten free

Alcohol:  13.9%

Pairs Well With: Neat, over ice, or with your coffee


Beverage Tasting Institute (91):   Best Buy

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