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Gonzalez Byass 375ml

Oloroso Sherry,


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Mahogany colour with a walnut aroma.  On the palate, it is dry with pronounced nutty flavors that give way to a long, smooth finish

Variety: Oloroso Sherry
Region:  Jerez, Spain
Winemaker: Gonzalez Byass
Size: 375 ml
Alcohol: 18.0%

Winemaker's Notes

Due to its time in contact with oxygen, Alfonso shows a golden amber colour.  On the nose, round intense aromas with the nuttiness of the Palomino variety standing out, in this case hazelnuts and walnuts. As a result of the time spent in cask, Alfonso shows subtle aromas of oak and spiced notes which remind of truffle or leather. On the palate, flavourful and structured with a long and complex aftertaste and slight vanilla touches with a surprising sweet note on the finish

Alfonso should be served slightly chilled between 8° and 10°C in a small white wine glass

John's Notes

In January 2020, I sat for the Fortified exam as part of my L4 WSET studies, and like many exams it included both blind tasting and wine theory components. And while the blind didn’t include a Sherry this time, I certainly drank a lot of Fino, Manzanilla, Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Pedro Ximénez, etc. in preparation. As a result, I developed an affinity for Oloroso that I probably never would have envisioned were it not for my studies

Please note this is a 375ml bottle

Nerdy Details

Winemaker:  González Byass

  • González Byass was created in 1835 by Manuel Maria González and remains in family hands today, now in the fifth and sixth generation
  • Founded in Jerez de la Frontera, Andalusia, in the heart of Sherry country, it is dedicated to the production of high quality sherries

Variety: 100% Palomino Fino

Region: Jerez-Xeres, Spain


  • The area has a unique microclimate influenced by the surrounding Atlantic Ocean with its moist and cool Poniente wind as well as the hot and dry Levante wind coming from North Africa, and by the nearby rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalete
  • There is an average of 70% humidity and annual rainfall of 600 liters/m2 in the mild winters


  • The vineyards in Jerez are unique to the area. The soil in Jerez is majority Albariza, a white soil which contains up to 60% chalk and therefore has a large capacity for maintaining moisture, very important given the long, hot and dry summers as irrigation is prohibited
  • The harvest in Jerez begins mid August and generally lasts for 3 weeks maximum


  • The must destined for Alfonso comes from the second press of the pneumatic Wilmes presses so as to obtain slightly more structure and body
  • Following fermentation to between 11% and 12% alcohol the wine is fortified to 18% alcohol and then enters the Alfonso solera
  • An empty space of 100 litres is left in the casks so that the wine has a large surface area in contact with the oxygen and therefore undergoes complete oxidization
  • Alfonso remains in American oak casks following the traditional Solera system for an average of 8 years

Alcohol:  18.0%

pH:  2.85

Pairs Well With: Pâté on crackers with sea salt, light cheeses, nuts



Wine Enthusiast (90): This tawny colored oloroso shines bright in the glass and offers earthy, oxidized aromas of toasted nuts and dried stone fruits. A snappy palate is full of spunky acidity, while this tastes of salt, orange peel and yeasty oxidation. Notes of caramel, mushroom and dried apricot share the finish. Michael Schachner

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