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A richly perfumed varietal originally from the Rhone Valley in France, this wine is bursting with pineapple, peach and apricot flavors with accents of floral and citrus notes

Variety: Viognier
Region: North Coast, California
Winemaker: Cline Family Cellars
Size: 750 ml
Alcohol: 14.5%

Winemaker's Notes

Cline Viognier shows juicy tropical fruit, fresh apricot and notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit. Luscious and full-bodied with a slight crisp acidity

John's Notes

I’ve mentioned my enjoyable and relaxing visit to Cline Cellars in past write-ups so I won’t repeat it here, but definitely worth a visit if you get the chance. I opened Cline’s Viognier 2020 in early May while practicing for a blind tasting, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The juicy notes of peach, apricot, mango, and streaks of pineapple were balanced by just the right amount of acidity.  A can’t miss at this price

Nerdy Details

Winemaker: Cline Family Cellars, winemaker Charlie Tsegeletos

  • Cline Family Cellars is a family-owned and operated winery founded by Fred and Nancy Cline in 1982 in Oakley, CA. The winery facilities were relocated in 1991 to the Sonoma Valley, on a 350-acre estate in the Carneros district
  • The Cline winery and vineyards are built on a foundation of deeply rooted respect for the land and love of winemaking
  • Instead of using herbicides to kill weeds between the rows, Cline either hand-hoes or brings in sheep and goats to eat the weeds and deposit “their own little fertilizer”

Variety: Viognier

Region: North Coast, California


  • The North Coast vineyards are essentially north of San Francisco (Dry Creek, Napa, Sonoma, Anderson Valley) and are generally influenced by the ocean’s fog and cool breezes that flow through river valleys and gaps in the mountains as well as by altitude


  • From Mendocino to Lake County to the Sonoma Coast – eight wonderful Viognier vineyards provide grapes for this blend. All achieve ideal ripeness which means a balance of acidity and floral and stone-fruit character
  • Viognier is a tricky grape to grow in that it buds out early and is susceptible to frost. Also, its thick skins require patience to get the full flavor potential of the grape
  • The vines bask in the sun during the day and are cooled at night which contributes to this Viognier’s full-body weight and nice acidity
  • Harvest Date: September 3 – 16, 2020


  • The grapes were picked and destemmed without being crushed, then immediately pumped to our tank press where the juice was gently squeezed from the grapes
  • The juice was then pumped into a stainless steel fermenting tank and the wine was chilled and settled overnight. The juice was then racked (decanted) off the grape solids and inoculated with a pure strain of wine yeast
  • Fermentation proceeded at a cool 55 degrees F to preserve the lovely fruit character, and kept in temperature controlled stainless

Alcohol:  14.5%

pH: 3.53

Pairs Well With: Chicken curry, pork chop with apricot sauce, halibut over rice


Reviews have not been published for the 2020 vintage, however the 2019 is critically acclaimed as noted below:

The Tasting Panel Magazine (90): It took eight California coastal vineyards to bring this spicy, floral beauty to life. In addition to honeysuckle and a balance of alcohol, fruit and acidity, notes of apricot and banana come through, resulting in a succulent, full bodied white.  Sept/Oct 2020 issue

Wine Enthusiast (89): This rich, soft and ripe-tasting wine folds peach, butter and almond flavors into a smooth texture and full body. It gives a nice sense of breadth and fullness for such a well-priced offering. Jim Gordon 11/1/20

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