Who is Wine Jug?

WineJug is an online wine recommendation and sales company, designed to offer you great wine across a spectrum of price ranges—and typically well below retail. My team and I try to personally taste every wine that we sell (it’s hard work, I know), so the descriptions and tasting notes you’ll find here are based on our honest evaluations, unlike those copy/paste regurgitations you’ll find on other websites. Consider us your own personal sommelier!

Wine is About the Story

At WineJug, we believe that wine should tell a story. It should evoke a memory, connect you to family and friends, or remind you of a great meal or night out with the special people in your life. You might say that wine speaks to your soul—it should make you feel something! That’s why I love it when wine has a story; something to remember fondly about the winery, the owner, or the night that we first drank it; something about which to reminisce with friends.

Our team has traveled to countless wineries, talking to the owners, winemakers, and tasting room servers. One of our longtime family friends (Tom, aka Puma) has the unique ability to coax interesting anecdotes from the tasting room servers, and it makes each winery visit all the more memorable. As Tom often says, “Wine is about the story, John.” And I couldn’t agree with him more. We have so many great stories to tell about these experiences, and we’re excited to share these stories with you here as we tell you about all the wonderful wines that we offer.

Wine is Delicious

Above all, no matter what you like or where you are in your personal wine journey, wine should be enjoyed. As my middle son Eli would say, “THAT’S THE THING” —it’s all about what YOU like!

In its simplest context, wine is delicious. Whether it’s red, white, or rosé…sparkling or still…dry to sweet and everywhere in between, our goal is to offer you only the best wine at incredible prices. People are always telling me that they like wine, but they don’t know anything about it or how to describe what they like. We can help! WineJug will custom-tailor our offerings to your specific tastes, budget, and/or event. And, of course, we always welcome your questions, feedback, or requests!

WineJug is a small business

As a small business, WineJug offers a personal touch that other companies can’t. We are passionate about satisfying each and every customer, and we love promoting other small businesses, too. Most of all, we care about what you think, and we want to help you find and enjoy delicious wine. Once we learn your particular taste, you may even get a “pre-release” note from us letting you know that a particular bottle might be worth a try. If you’re looking for the best, most delicious wines, all at affordable prices, WineJug’s gotcha covered. Give us a try! Visit our Current Offer page or the Past Offers page, and order some great wine. We know you’ll love it!

John H. Obrist
Owner, WineJug​


As most “Call of Duty” (it’s a video game) fans know, it takes an excessive amount of damage to kill a Juggernaut. As a father of 4 formerly young kids (most of whom played COD every waking moment), I would jokingly quip, “You can’t kill a jug” anytime I would suffer the slightest cut, bruise, or bump (really any ailment). That saying would typically evoke groans about 1) my weak attempts to stay topically relevant, and/or 2) my gross ineptitude as a COD player. Regardless, it somehow became a running joke in our house that has lasted the better part of a decade. And while my kids are older now (3 in college — yes, 3 in college, and one in high school), the “Dad is a Jug” saying persists … and it warms my heart every time I hear it. When trying out names for my new company, and after various ideas ranging from lame to uninteresting, the old phrase came to mind in the context of wine. And so, the “WineJug” name was born as a nod to my kids and my love for wine.

I am a former corporate executive who finally decided to follow my passion for wine after too many years working in the aerospace, financial services, and oil & gas industries. I am WSET Level 3 certified and in the process of obtaining my WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines. In fact, it’s rare to find me at my kids’ soccer or baseball games (or virtually anywhere) without a textbook, laptop, or flashcards in hand.

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Absolutely not. While we hope you buy literally tons of wine from us, there is no obligation to buy any wine from WineJug. By adding your name to our distribution list, you will receive wine offerings on a regular basis. You choose whether to buy that wine or not. Period. But don’t wait too long to decide. We buy limited quantities of awesome wine, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

WineJug automatically adds a 1% insurance fee to each order. If you opt out of the insurance (i.e., waive the coverage), you assume all responsibility if there are problems with the wine or shipment. Our options relative to replacing the affected bottle(s) or refunding the money are accordingly limited. My advice is to keep the insurance – life is easier all the way around. If you decide to opt out, simply de-select the “Shipping Insurance” box at checkout. Please note that the wine insurance does not apply to damage caused by extreme weather conditions, hot or cold.

Ordering a gift card is easy. Simply select the link below where you will be able to input the recipient, gift amount, and a note to accompany the gift. We will send an electronic gift card that can be used to purchase anything from WineJug.

Heck yeah! What could be better than giving a gift of wine? You guessed it – getting a gift of wine!

Whatever the occasion (bridal shower, wedding, big promotion, 21st birthday, or any birthday), we can help you send a fantastic gift. In addition to great wine, our gift boxes can include wine glasses, a wine opener, delicious treats, and a celebratory note from you.

We only need you to do 3 things to make sure it happens the way you want:

  1. In the Shipping Address section, enter the name and address of the gift recipient.
  2. Select the wine package you want to send (red or white), the number of bottles, and any accompanying items.
  3. In the Notes section, tell us what you want the gift message to say.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Yes, but we’re not always there, and the risk is that you may miss out on the Current Offer. Since we buy in limited quantities, the best way to ensure that you reserve your wine is to use the website. As a small business, our staff is always on the go trying to make sure we can secure the best wine possible for you. Accordingly, there are times when we simply aren’t available to respond to phone messages (724-987-3627) as quickly as you might like – but we will try our best!

Yes—with a couple caveats. We get it. The wine costs less if there is no cost to ship it. However, we are a small business, and there are many times where we are simply not there. We may be out meeting with producers, tasting wine (hopefully), or selecting the next bottles to offer you. As long as you can be flexible, we can usually find a day and time that works for everyone. Simply select “self pick-up” when you order, and we’ll hold the wine for you.

Our goal is to make sure you are a happy and loyal WineJug customer who tells all your friends how great we are. If you would like to change an order after you have placed it, please email us ASAP at winejugcompany@gmail.com. We will gladly make changes to quantity, items ordered, shipping address, etc., as long as we can catch it before it shipped. Once it has left our dock, the shipping fee is non-refundable, but we will do everything possible to make sure that you are satisfied.

We want every bottle to be perfect, but sometimes that isn’t the case. The bottle may have been flawed, an accident may have happened during shipping, etc. We get it. Stuff happens sometimes. If you encounter a problem, please send us an email (winejugcompany@gmail.com) outlining the issue. We want you to be happy and will do our very best to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with WineJug. Please note however, that our hands are substantially tied if you opted out of the wine insurance. Also, the wine insurance does not apply to damage caused by extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. If the weather has the potential to be extreme, your best bet is to allow us to hold your wine until the weather improves.

To ensure safe handling of wine during the shipping process, we will work with you to coordinate delivery in light of current weather conditions.

When weather conditions are not conducive (too hot or too cold) to the safe shipping of wine, we recommend that you store your purchases for free in our temperature-controlled facility until the weather improves. You can simply designate a ship date up to 4-months from the order date, and we’ll hold your wine until then.  Note, delayed shipping also works well if you want to buy a birthday or holiday gift now, and have us ship it closer to the date.

If we hold your wine, you can rest assured that it is comfortably relaxing in our temperature-controlled facility. If you’d like to select a specific ship date, choose the “Delay Shipping” option at checkout and enter the desired ship date from the dropdown calendar.

WineJug’s client list includes top restaurants, pharmaceutical corporations, investment management firms, and other companies, large and small. We offer an array of services including:

  • Corporate gifts: WineJug has the perfect wine for your most important clients. Send a basket of wine as a Thank You, Congratulations, or as a Holiday gift. Seriously, what could be better than a gift of wine? Send us an email (winejugcompany@gmail.com) outlining the number of recipients, any wine preferences (style, varietal, region, etc.), and budget. We will then put together a proposal for your review and approval before moving forward.
  • Private tastings: WineJug will tailor private wine tastings to your event, client list, and budget. Send us a note at winejugcompany@gmail.com with your contact info, and we will work together to make your tasting a memorable, informative, and fun event for all involved.

Great wine.

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